Logo Pro Beta Program

Logo Commands

The online help provides access to all Logo Pro commands. You can browse the commands either by group or alphabetically, or you can enter the name of a command directly to see its documentation.


The download area offers the latest version of Logo Pro as a zipped Windows installer package. The area is password protected; please use our contact form to obtain a password.


To report issues, bugs, or requests, please send an email to logobugs@daumling.com.

Logo Pro

Logo Pro is the next generation of the Logo programming language. It features a professional development environment with debugging tools known to professional developers. The language itself, and the turtle graphics are left almost unaltered, with minor language extensions to support object oriented programming. Logo Pro provides features to add robots and to control them from Logo.


Logo is international. Logo uses the UTF-8 character set to support the full Unicode character set plus Unicode extensions, including Far Eastern languages.

Logo is localizable. It uses the i18n framework known from Linux. Language files are separate from the executable, and can be supplied for any language. Logo can switch between languages on the fly. The help files are XML based.

Logo is extensible. A SDK is available for users to write DLL-based extensions that fit in seamlessly. Extensions can add or alter Logo commands, or implement Logo objects. Extensions are specially useful to add interface for robots to Logo. Extensions can come with their own localization files, own help pages, and own images.

Evaluators wanted!

The first version has come close to completion. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in bringing the product to its final stage. At this time, the Logo language core is complete, and the UI contains all panes, like Stack, Names, Listener, and so on. Now is a great time to check out the features and to play with the program. Let us know how the program and its features could be improved! Could the panes be implemented differently? Is there anything missing to make work easier? Is the workflow meaningful and easy to understand? Could kids work with the product? Any ideas would be appreciated!

If you would like to participate, please use this contact form.