Who I am

My name is Michael Daumling, and my Internet handle is Freak C since the early days of the BIX network and Compuserve in the 1980s. My special interest has always been scripting languages. The Logo language is one of my favorites; I wrote Terrapin Logo several years ago. During the last 12 years, I worked for Adobe, creating the JavaScript-based infrastructure of their Creative Suite. During this work, I was part of the Ecma-262 committee, which standardizes the JavaScript language. After my retirement from Adobe, I started a small company, writing all of the wonderful software that I never had the time to do before.

Current Projects

My big first project is a new implementation of the Logo programming language. Logo is one of the most under-valued languages around. It combines the power and flexibility of Lisp with comprehensive graphics. The language is easy to learn, targeted for school students, hiding the complexities of Lisp.

Current Logo implementations look like design toys, with colorful buttons, trying to be attractive to kids and students. What I want to deliver is a professional version complete with full-featured debugging tools, but still usable for kids and juniors.